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A Dead Spider, A Bloody Foot, and An Audition

Warning: Long Story Ahead…

But if you can bare with it, it’s hilarious just sayin’…

As you can probably tell by the title, this story involves a bloody foot, a dead spider, and an audition. This very story (word for word not exaggerating) happened to me in my first semester of sophomore year at Drake University, and began my ever-growing stints of situations so unfortunate and hilarious enough to make onto my new website.

Anyway, here it is. Enjoy at my expense.

That week was my second audition for the Drake Wind Symphony since my freshman year. I was very nervous, as I had not prepared for it whatsoever, due to limited time and lack of planning between homework and practicing. Sure, I had been working with my saxophone professor on etudes every week, but none of them were perfected to a state of beauty. This said, I decided to find nooks and crannies within my schedule that day to perfect said etudes.

First bad idea.

So, before the day even started, I arrived on campus later than I wanted (most likely due to traffic and lack of planning, as usual, because I am a commuter student). Nonetheless, I made my decision to practice my designated etudes before my class at 10am, however, by the time I got into the building, grabbed my saxophone from the basement, and made it to a practice room, it was 9:45am. I then made the executive decision to practice for 10 minutes and head to class after. This was about the only thing that actually worked out on this day.

I made it to class on time, and afterwards, am faced with 40 free minutes before I have to get to the library for my Writing Workshop tutoring session (yes, at that point in my college career I was a writing tutor in the library and it was my favorite job ever). So back to the whole 40 minutes thing, great time for practicing right?

Second bad idea.

I decided to practice my etudes again, and get lost in the music. I glanced down at my watch wondering the time, and realized it was 12:20pm. I had to be at the workshop in 10 minutes. I shoved everything into my instrument case and flew down to the basement from the second floor to put my saxophone away. This was a successful task. However, as I flew back up the stairs the heel of my foot caught on the basement door and BOOM- blood everywhere. And no time to fix it.

So there I was, half limping, half running, foot and sandal covered in blood and now sticky to get to this stupid appointment across campus. Finally, I made it to my destination.

With a breath of fresh air and confidence, I stepped into the library, naively believing that I would have time to take care of the mess that just happened.

Third bad idea.

I meandered up to the desk to grab the keys to the workshop, and was greeted with a friendly face telling me that I had two girls waiting for me. Extremely confused, I glanced at my watch and noticed it was only 12:25pm, and they are 5 minutes early to their appointment. Now in panic mode, I ran downstairs to the workshop room and found two girls waiting outside. I sat down at the desk, opened my laptop to the appointment schedule and realized only one of them had actually scheduled an appointment. Even more confused and exhausted at this point, I mentioned that only one of them signed up and that I would try to get to both of them. Given that this was only my fourth session in the workshop, I had absolutely no idea if I could refuse tutees.

To add to this rolling snowball of chaos, an observer decided to show up to observe my session to make sure I was doing what I was supposed to as a tutor. All while I was trying to figure out what the heck was going on!

I brushed this off and turned to the first tutee’s paper. To my horror, the words on the page were as if a third grader had attempted to compose a piece of writing on a college topic. Thus commenced the next 25 minutes attempting to help this student to write in accordance to their syllabus.

Which left 5 minutes for the other tutee.

Who had a paper that read like a doctoral thesis.

It was like this student had used a thesaurus for every word. And I had 5 minutes to help them turn their writing into understandable English.

My next appointment after them had written only two paragraphs and broke down in tears on me because she didn’t know what she was supposed to write. Keep in mind that my observer was still there watching all of this go down.

Then, I finished with all of my appointments there for the day, and finally had down time to take care of the blood, now crusted, on my foot and sandal, and probably left in a trail from FAC to the library on campus. I ran to class and realized that I haven’t eaten since 7:30am that morning, and it was now 2:30pm. And I pulled out my soggy lunch and devoured. While eating said lunch, I felt something funky on my non-wounded heel. I looked down and there was a DEAD SPIDER squished right on the side of my foot.

To say the least, this was a crazy day. And if you’re curious, my audition went really well!

Thank you for baring with me I hope you enjoyed!

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