About the Designer

I am Sydney Clifton, and am currently a student at Drake University, double majoring in Digital Media Production and Music. Music has always been the under current in my background character, influencing my decision to attend Drake, focusing on saxophone performance. However, Digital Media Production has not always been apart of the picture. Up until this point in my college career, I focused on studying English-my dream to eventually become an author. Instead, attending a job shadow day at my father’s advertising agency sparked a new fire for the love of designing and programming websites.

I’m fueled by my passion to bring artistic perspective and imagination to everything in my life-be it music or design. I considers myself a “forever student,” always eager to grab ahold of the latest inspiration from Pinterest (duh, obviously), and tips and tricks to become my best self in work and life. I am also enthusiastic about staying in tune with the latest digital marketing strategies through continued coursework and beginning professional development with my professors.

My hard work ethic and determination to overachieve in every aspect of my life has contributed to acceptance into Drake University and the maintenance of stellar academic achievement. Meanwhile, I have also maintained a leadership position in the Wind Symphony, the top concert ensemble on campus, and a conducting position in the marching band. Along with these positions, I maintain a spot in the top Jazz Band and saxophone chamber ensemble as well.

I briefly maintained a work-study position crewing for events that occurred in our auditorium, and a position as a Writing Workshop tutor through the university. During the crew position, I set up sound systems, microphones, projectors, chairs, and tables. For my Writing Workshop position, I helped to boost other college level peers in their writing skills and was the bridge between student and professor.

In addition, I carry the role of a server at Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse on the weekends, in between homework and rehearsals. I love bullet journaling, yoga, listening to the Beach Boys, chocolate, and reading for fun. One of my guilty pleasures is writing fictional short stories (I know, weird, right?). When it comes to organizing, there is nothing that I loves more than creating vision boards, motivational posters, and to-do lists for the occasion. My biggest dream right now, is to someday create a media blog company capitalizing on inspiring others!

I believe a strict balance of work, play, and self-care is the key to success in any company, and more specifically, within the intensity of college life. I’m currently working on her academic status as a student and is always interested in an artistic challenge.

Reach out to sydneyclifton98@gmail.com to connect!