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It Had to Be You

I told myself I would not do what I am doing in this picture. I told myself “when I get engaged I will never pose and show off my ring in a photo that’s so girly.”

I also told myself that I would never put my hand to my face in shock during a proposal (as shown in this photo over here). And lastly, I told myself I would NEVER cry while all of this was happening.

Well guess what? Folks, I could not have been more wrong. I did ALL of these things within the span of this day captured on camera right here. Every. Single. One. My eyes welled up with tears, my hand flew to my face in shock, and I took the dreaded left-hand-with-the-ring picture.

However, my absolute excitement and happiness in the moment ruined any chances my internal voice had at screaming “STOP IT YOU’RE BEING SO GIRLY OMG.”

Like you could probably guess, this picture captures the best day of my life. I don’t care if it’s super cheesy, because this actually was my favorite day in the history of ever and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Let me tell you why.

In March of 2019, my boyfriend Brendan, his family, me, and my family traveled to Orlando, Florida for vacation to Disneyworld. My little brother was performing with his high school band in Disney Springs, and that was the reason for our trip. The beginning of the trip was so much fun, as I traveled with Brendan’s family separately from mine, due to the fact that we didn’t have to be to Florida as early.

The day started off as a normal day on our vacation. Brendan and his family came to pick me up that morning to head to Cocoa Beach, where my parents, my brother, and the band kids were at. I got up to get ready for the day, and exited my empty hotel room-keep in mind it was like 1 pm at this point because we had arrived to Florida at 4 am (more on that later).

As I stepped out of the room I realized I had no idea where the main entrance was-the place I was supposed to meet my boyfriend and his family so we could travel to Cocoa Beach. There was a front desk positioned near my room, so I stopped by to ask for help. To my dismay, however, the desk clerk did not speak coherent English. After receiving very vague instructions to “go straight and left,” I walked straight and to left. And found a coffee shop, and a wall. Here begins the wild confusion. “Well,” I told myself, “maybe he meant outside and to the left.” So I kept walking left and past the pool. Then the second parking lot. And kept going left. I called Brendan and let him know the situation, as I was still walking left, and was winded by the time I finally found his family’s truck sitting at the main entrance!

I was still on the phone with him, and I asked him which side of the truck he was sitting on so I wouldn’t get in on the wrong side. He told me he was sitting on the left side. I asked, “My left or your left?” To which he responded, “the left side.” At this point, I was tired from walking left around the ENTIRE HOTEL COMPLEX, so his little reply prompted my response when I got into the truck-“Your directions suck!”

To add to the chaos, that morning, I had asked him to pick up some brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tarts for a snack before the beach. When I hopped into the truck, Brendan handed me a box of Pop Tarts excitedly and squeaked, “I got you the pop tarts!” I looked down at the box, very hungry, to grab a couple. To my surprise, the box read “Strawberry.”

Thus began the day. And Brendan’s energy mimicked that of a squirrel on coffee.

As we arrived at the beach, my disappointment escalated. The sun had disappeared behind the clouds, it was sprinkling rain, and it was cold. I was also very hungry after my strawberry pop tarts and definitely had to pee. Why were we even here? This was a gross beach-nothing like the beaches I had been to on the Gulf! I happened to look over at Brendan sitting next to me and noticed that the lower pocket on his cargo shorts was protruding more than normal. Was that his wallet? Or a ring box?

No. There was no way that was a ring box. He told me not to dress in something nice.

We trudged through the light rain, down the boardwalk, and through the packed restaurants. We arrived at the place where we were supposed to be eating-and due to the rain and wind, it was closed. By that point I started to get hangry.

Begrudgingly, I took pictures with everyone despite my bathroom needs and my hunger. At one point, Brendan mentioned he wanted to hold the back of my sweatshirt to make it look like a cape. Why would that work? My sweatshirt wasn’t long enough to look even sort of like a cape! “Whatever”, I told myself, “just go with it.” So I went with it. He let the back of my sweatshirt go after a couple of pictures and called my name. By that time, my mother had started crying so I knew something was up. I turned around and there he was on his knee with a ring box in his hands. And that’s when my hands flew to my face and happy tears started flowing.

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