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Tofu Chicken

Have you ever been so exhausted that you went through something you didn’t have to, just so you could get that thing over with? If you have, then you will understand EXACTLY what I went through about 2 weeks ago.

There I was, wandering aimlessly around the Quad Creek dining hall at Drake University, utterly exhausted. It was my lunch break, and I only had about 20 minutes to order and eat food, then move on to my next music class. The aroma of Chinese food cooking filtered through my nose and my stomach growled. Yes, that is what I would have for lunch. I walked over to the station and the line was about 7 people long. Sighing in disappointment, I wandered to the end of the line anyway because Chinese was the only thing that sounded good to eat. “It’s this or nothing” I told myself.

The line began moving, and soon I was the one designated to order. I glanced down at my options. My choices were fried rice, beef slices and green beans, or chicken with red peppers, peas, and eggs. I looked at the cook dishing out the meal and described to her which options I preferred. She handed me my to-go box of warmth, and in my exhaustion, I mentioned how amazing the chicken looked. The cook looked up from her next order and said, “Honey, that’s not chicken.” Confused as ever, I glanced up at the menu for the day. And there it was, in bold print, “Chef’s Choice: Beef/Green Beans or Tofu and Fried Rice.”

By the time I had selected my meal, it was too late. I looked behind me and the line had doubled from what it was before. I stood there, in shock, and internally screaming about holding up the line, and said in a strained voice, “Oh, ok thanks then.” I booked it up to the counter to pay and sat down in disappointment and shock. How could I have missed the fact that the menu said TOFU in bold letters and not chicken?

Regardless, tofu was now my lunch, and on a positive note, it was supposed to be healthy! After a lengthy mental conversation with myself, I stabbed the breaded gooey substance and a scoop of fried rice with my fork and shoved it into my mouth. Surprise-it actually tasted like chicken!

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